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You can use the internet, the library or even your college resources to find appropriate information.

Make sure to cite your findings and create a reference page so that your readers can find the information. If you follow this tips, you may even be able to start a writing career.

Furthermore, weight problems can only be dealt with by tackling the issues behind them.

Firstly, I think that although watching TV in itself does not actually cause children to gain weight, spending too much time each day sitting in front of the TV without doing exercise can result in weight problems.

Finish your outline and set it aside to use when writing the actual essay.

Once your outline is complete, research your ideas and the facts about obesity. This is the important overall aspect of this essay and must be done thoroughly.Model Essay It is thought by some people that weight problems in children are caused by watching TV.While I agree that excessive hours in front of the TV can contribute to this problem, diet also plays a role.So you need to compose a research paper on childhood obesity.There are hundreds of resources and research on this topic for you to discover and use.In the meat of your essay, outline your major points in order with what your main ideas are. You can organize from least important to most important to drive the ideas home.It can be as detailed as you would like to aid you in your writing.Once you decide on a topic, it is time to outline your essay.You can start with a great introduction, then the meat of your essay and then a conclusion to wrap it all together.In conclusion, by introducing children to sports and other physical activities as well as providing them with a better diet, these measures can counteract the causes of childhood obesity.I have written these tips to help you with your essay.


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