Write Your Own Business Plan

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These individuals will want to be assured that you know what you are doing and that your business concept is viable.

A well designed business plan is essential in this process.

Once again, a well designed business plan is essential for these commitments. Creating joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions – Many rural businesses focus on moving up the supply chain to take advantage of profit opportunities closer to the consumer.

To achieve this, it is common for businesses to create relationships with existing business in the supply chain through joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions.

However, understand the lenders role in your project.

It is not the lender’s responsibility to be the financial manager of your business and make it successful.

Begin each major section on a new page with the appropriate title (e.g. Make sure your business plan covers all of the relevant topics. The purpose of rewriting the plan is to fill in gaps, solidify the logic and make the plan easier to understand by the reader. So if you find the length of the plan expanding greatly after each rewrite, your efforts are probably counterproductive. You can hire someone (consultant) to help prepare the plan.

To help you organize your business plan use Information File C5-69, Create Your Own Business Plan. It is extremely rare to achieve the finished version of a plan in the first draft. At some point in time you need to declare the plan finished - for now - remembering that the plan will need to be updated as conditions change. So, in addition to your own purposes, consider the viewpoint of others you are writing the plan for (banker, investor, customer, etc.). The content and quality of the plan should be representative of your company. He/she can challenge and question assumptions and conclusions.

The lenders purpose is to generate returns for the lending institution while protecting their investment in your business. Attracting equity investment - Business plans can be used to attract equity investors to your business.

Equity investors in rural businesses are often producers or other local individuals.


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