Women'S Studies Research Paper

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A woman at my dental office recently shared with me that she won shooting awards when she was a Marine, and recently completed a class on carrying concealed weapons. But when it happens to your best friend, the gloves come off.

Contrast that with the obsession many Western women have with every single hair on their bodies. We are drawn to stories in which cheating plays a part, and are willing to shrug off cheating when we believe it results in true love.

Followers of Sikhism are forbidden to cut any hair on their bodies.

Did you know that in the Sikh religion hair is sacred?

When one learns of an unjust war being carried out they, now knowing the circumstances, will act as they will to stop the injustices occurring. When people become educated on the topic of women’s rights, they come to understand the circumstances and can act accordingly to help stop the problems from carrying on.

Anne-Marie O’Connor’s article about the maquiladora women in Mexico and their terrible working conditions brought awareness about, as well as Sam Dylan’s article on the mistreatment of these women.

By learning of these occurrences, one can properly act upon them.

Many women and men have taken the opportunity to attend classes on women’s and gender studies and have since then made strides to make a difference in the unjust society that must be faced. An example of awareness producing activism can be seen in the war against Iraq.

Gender and sexuality are typically the primary points of entry into course material, but the significance of intersecting identities is also a prominent academic purpose.

At its core, GSWS as a subject examines the pervasiveness of sexism/misogyny and other oppressions in our society and culture, and attempts to deconstruct these structures to better understand them.


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