What Is A Senior Honors Thesis

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“It was kind of impossible for my adviser and me to not to become friends,” says Beatrice Kim, who recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in psychology.

“He coached me through my panic and crisis of wanting to change research topics, and was really a mentor to me.” You’ll be working one-on-one with your faculty adviser, and chances are, you’ll come out with an even stronger relationship and a mentor whose help will extend past your graduation.

Having a strong relationship with your faculty adviser will likely enrich your research experience, provide invaluable mentorship and give you an excuse to pick the brain of talented and intelligent professors.

“I am working with one of my favorite professors,” says Rachel Markon, a Northwestern University senior currently pursuing her honors thesis in history.

“Of course, a thesis should also hone your writing skills.

But one might also use creativity to discover your topic, networking skills to interact with people who can help and, of course, research skills in developing the work.” Not to mention, you’ll have hard proof of your abilities to work independently on long-term projects, and what employer doesn’t want to see that?“I was in a class with him last winter and it was the best history class I’ve taken.His work isn’t exactly in what I’m writing about, but it’s within the same concentration, and he’s so generally good at teaching and thinking that I wanted to work with him regardless.So if you’re going back and forth on whether to take on an honors thesis, check out our tips on making sure it’s really for you.Good reasons to write an honors thesis There are plenty of reasons to write an honors thesis, but let’s be real – some are better than others.Remember the good old days of college, when the most important decisions you had to make were things like what classes to take, who to sit by on the first day and whether or not to blow off your psych lecture… Alright, so maybe the early years had a bit more weight than that, but when you have to decide whether or not to write an honors thesis, those decisions seem like child’s play.Now, you face a new, more daunting question: Do you want to dedicate much of your final year in college to grueling hours of research and writing a lengthy project of your own devising?It can be tough, especially with big lecture classes, but it can be done.Writing an honors thesis provides the unique opportunity to take these relationships one step further.That was definitely the case for Beatrice, who scored a job on her faculty adviser’s recommendation.But don’t just think of the post-grad benefits of this relationship.


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