What Is A Literature Review In A Dissertation

You can check out our referencing help guides here. When you have finished writing your review, print out a copy and read it out loud – it will help you to hear it differently, understand if it flows well and see areas of concern.It’s also a great idea to get people to check your work over, they’ll spot mistakes that you won’t! How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review [Internet]. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

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Just as the name suggests, a literature review is basically a review of the selected literature.

It is the part that follows the introduction part of dissertation.

However, sometimes you may be asked to do a short abstract/ proposal of up to 300 words.

A literature review for any dissertation should be certainly made up of more than one paragraph.

It aims to evaluate the existing research and develop key themes for your own research, often finding a ‘gap’ in current knowledge.

A literature review is a great opportunity to demonstrate your critical analysis and writing skills and will establish how your work will link to the research of existing academics.

It is a super crucial part of the research paper as it hosts the entire analysis and several research papers. The following explain the required length of a dissertation literature review: Basically the length of the literature review is dependent on the dissertation length.

For instance, a dissertation that is 15000 words has a literature review of about 5000 words.

Compare your work to your original aims and see if you have achieved them.

When you are checking the work over, ask yourself: Often, the first draft of the literature review is completely different from the finished result.


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