Warren Buffett Essays Summary

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In fact, on the cover, Warren Buffett is quoted as saying, 'By far the best book on investment ever written.' How can you argue with that?

Legend has it that Buffett re-reads the book before he makes an investment.

There was little known about his investment methods at the time and though this book does not explain his methodology in much depth, it did provide an insight.

At the time, Buffett was well known for not divulging his secret.

When carried out over many decades, these thoughts are like a library of knowledge. As ever, working through the publications discussed in these Warren Buffett book reviews will take time and effort. Buy a high-end scientific calculator - you'll find you need it to fully understand the math he does in his head!

Warren Buffett Essays Summary Dumpster Diving Essay

These are more like a job or retraining with a new education than relaxing evening reading. - and start to read around the topic of value investment. There can be no coincidence that The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is both the most important book written about investment and the book that apparently sits constantly on Warren Buffett's desk.By reading some of his thoughts or essays, it quickly becomes clear that Warren Buffett is a very deep thinker.Unlike others, his deep thoughts have been focused on business, management and investment. And if you plan to be a profitable investor, you should become a fan too! Take the time you need to understand their concepts and you will become a much better investor.Buffett was in the news and within the investment world was a major star, but very little was known about him.This biography helped to build his reputation further and get more of his background into the wider public domain.Any investor that wishes to understand the workings of the stock market (information here) must read this book.Quite simply, every other serious investor has already devoured their copy.And yet, the book also discusses some of the less normal aspects of his life: his relationship with Charlie Munger, his private jet, his role on Wall Street and many other billionaire only experiences.The book was first published in 1997 so there are clearly many more gems and quotes that could be included, but as a nice and fun book with a potentially useful theme, it is worth the price of purchase.As time has passed, the methods described by Graham (information here) to assess a company have been superceded.Computing power has exploded and this has put much more complex investment tools into the hands of most amateur and all professional investors.


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