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Residing in a tiny cabin overlooking Walden Pond, Thoreau spent his days observing...

by Henry David Thoreau is a personal narrative describing how and why he performed his experiment of living at Walden Pond, close to nature.

“Economy” describes Thoreau’s personal experience in the...

Often referred to as the leading writer of transcendentalism, Unitarian Ralph Waldo Emerson directed thousands in the 19th century to rediscovery of self through his literature.

The internet also brings “the world to our doorstep.” But, if the world were to show up at Thoreau’s door, it is not hard to imagine him bolting it shut. Thus, in all this bustling and chatter, he would find us aimless, without direction or purpose.

All of the information from around the world, the cyberspace that we hold so dear, might be simply fluff to Thoreau. Thoreau would take the same issue with other conveniences, such as fast-food restaurants which seem to appear in ever-increasing numbers on every major and minor street.Readers of Throughout history, America has often been depicted as a land of many freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition, thanks to the First Amendment. American culture has a notoriously rapid pace and obvious state of exhaustion which accompanies an overexertion of the mind, body, and spirit of a person.In this hustle and bustle it becomes easy to lose sight of the ideals set for happiness and...He quickly checks his cellular phone for any missed calls before sitting down at his computer, pulling up his e-mail account, and scanning through the spam for any messages of substance.Finally, after toasting a strawberry pop-tart and spinning through the drive-thru window at Starbucks for a double mocha latte, he arrives at work, just two minutes late.(1854), Thoreau expounds on the many ways in which the world is changing for the worse. Therefore, from a Thoreauvian perspective, the majority of Americans have been swept into the life of old maids, chatting about every inconsequential matter that comes to mind. Secondly, aside from the internet, Thoreau would likely take issue with the “luxury” of other technological time-savers.Thoreau seeks out solitude and isolation to gather his thoughts and ponder the (mis)direction of American life. For instance, consider the cell phones we have constantly in our hands or pockets.It is a common fear that people have about whether or not they are wasting their lives with the limited amount of time they were given on earth.In “Where I Lived and What I Lived For,” Henry David Thoreau explores what he thinks the true meaning...If Thoreau were to retreat to Walden Pond today, would he bring along the internet?This question, suggested by a recent Christian Science Monitor headline, gets to the heart of important aspect of Thoreau's project.


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