Video Game Addiction Research Paper

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If addiction is causing someone to neglect their relationships with the people who they are close to, then you should try your best to prevent it every way possible to quick the addiction.Getting over internet addiction by yourself is not an easy task, because you will set limits for yourself that don’t really help you, but make you happy for a short time.She checked her Facebook to see what all of her friends are going to do, it turns out that all of them have already made plans and somehow forgot to invite her to come along.

However, if you find it hard to keep up with your responsibilities because you feel that you need to beat another level than that could be a problem.Another reason why some people like the internet more than real life because it is easier for them to make friends, it is risk free and you don’t have to think about the real person but only of their avatar, profile picture.This could be a good thing, making it easier for shy people to get used to talking to people; so that when they meet real people they will know how to handle the situation.When you know someone with it you should be willing to help them out and not just shrug it off like it is nothing, like it even matter to you.In order to get over the addiction you need to tackle the things that are causing your addictions.Internet addiction is something that must be prevented from a young age and if not then it should be controlled with certain methods.Most of the things that we do on the internet, such as gaming, release dopamine into our brains pleasure center, thus making obsessive pleasure seeking behaviors.There are some people who make a living of playing video games and posting their commentary of them onto You Tube.Some of my favorite You Tube gaming channels are Pewdiepie and Chaotic Monki, Pewdiepie has 2,944,353 subscribers and is the 11 most subscribed person on You Tube, and is gaining 13,000 per day [4], this is his full time job and he makes his living off of it.This addiction is newer, because the internet has only been around for 30 years which is far shorter than any other kind of well-known addiction.Gaming sights can be appealing because they can receive achievements, such as leveling up, defeating monsters, gaining skill levels, they may feel that their achievements in the game are more important than their achievements in real life.


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