Valentine Homework Pass

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Patrick's Punch Card Surfing Punch Card 1, 2 Tea Time Punch Card Train Punch Card Thanksgiving Punch Card Thistle Bear Punches 20,40 Turkey Punch Card Turtle Punch Card Valentine Punch Card Veggie Kids Punch Card Wizard Punch Card 1,2 Aloha Bats Butterfly Camouflage/ military Cinco de Mayo Dragon 1, 2 Ladybug It's Fall boys, girls Jack-o'-Lantern Like Fall It's Fall boys, girls fishing Mother's Day Native Americans New Years Picnic Polar Pals 1, 2 Pumpkin Patch l, 2 Horizontal Rainy Day Rainy Day 2 Rake Leaves Scoop Seuss Spiders Surfing Turkey Time l, 2, 3 Valentine These are basically the same as the ones above but have smaller pictures and a space for students to draw a picture. Apples Farm Picnic Pirate Pizza Pumpkin Pumpkin Patch B&W Pumpkin Patch School Snoopy l, 2 Spooky Super Heros Surfing Turkey Stationery Veterans 1, B&W Apples Story Maps Landscape Apples Story Maps BATS Story Map Blank Story Maps Fire Safety Story Maps Habitat Story Maps Ladybugs Polar Animals Story Maps Pumpkins Story Maps Landscape Pumpkin Story Maps The Seasons Spiders Story Map Turkeys Story Map Alligator(Gator) Aloha All About Me boy,girl Baseball boys, girls Bear 1, 2 Bear All About Me Butterflies boys, girls Butterfly All About Me boy,girl Circus All About Me boy,girl Dogs Student of the Week Fishing Student of the Week boy,girl Fishing All About Me boy,girl Garden All About Me boys, girls Golf Student of the Week boy,girl Golf All About Me boy,girl Ladybug Student of the Week boys,girls Lizard Student of the Week Lizard All About Me Nutcracker All About Me boys,girls Monster Student of the Week Owl Student of the Week Picnic Student of the Week boys,girls All About Me boy,girl Pirate All About Me boys,girls Rainforest All About Me 1,2 Scoop All About Me boys,girls Scoop Student of the week boys,girls Seuss Star of the Week boy. girl Seuss All About Me Snoopy All About Me Tiger Student of the Week Surfing Surfing 2 Turtle All About Me, 8.5X11 special order Turtle All About Me, fixed Under the Sea Student of the Week, updated Wizard Student of the Week Wizard All About Me boys,girls Wizard Student of the Week boys,girls Western Student of the Week Back to School April Fools April Showers Butterflies Johnny Appleseed Leap Day 1, 2 Lion or Lamb Leprechauns Merry Christmas Monster Mash Mother's Day New Year Penguin Pals Polar Bears Presidents' Day Scarecrow Fun Snowball Fight Spring Fever Transportation Valentine Kids ANIMALS (updated)August 2015 Amphians/Reptiles Birds Fish Insects Mammals SEASONS (updated) FALL Words WINTER Words I will add Spring and Summer soon.

FALL BANNER CARDS WINTER BANNER CARDS SPRING BANNER CARDS SUMMER BANNER CARDS Fire Safety Word Cards Back to School Word Cards Facts or Opinions 1, 2 Nouns Pocket Chart 1, 2 Noun Word Cards Nouns Student Sheet 1, 2 Here are student sheets for person, place, or thing nouns.

My class loves anything Zentangle-related and it is the perfect thing to have them do as morning work and actually use!

I printed ours on cardstock and they held up really well.

Your students will love to strengthen their “approximating measures” skills while having a sweet treat!

During the holiday hubbub I try to give my students as many academic activities as I can squeeze in! I am a mean o’l teacher…but seriously, there is never enough time as it is, so I can’t afford to completely skip the academics, even for a day!

Seuss ABC Order 1, 2 Earth Day ABC Order Fairy Tale ABC Order Fall ABC Order Fall ABC Order 2 Farm ABC Order Farm ABC Order 2 Fire Safety ABC Order Fire ABC Order 2 Fish ABC Order Fishing ABC Order 1, 2 Go Green 1, 2 Groundhog ABC Order Halloween ABC Order Halloween ABC Order 2 Insects ABC Order Mammals ABC Order Nutcracker ABC Order Ocean ABC Order Olympics ABC Order Pets ABC Order Picnic ABC Order Pirate ABC Order 1, 2 Presidents ABC Order Rainy Day ABC Order Reptiles ABC Order Spiders ABC Order Spring ABC Order St.

Patrick's ABC Order 1, 2 Teeth ABC Order Thanksgiving ABC Order Turkey ABC Order Valentine ABC Order Weather ABC Order Wizard ABC Order Zoo ABC Order Zoo ABC Order 2 All About Alligators All About Arctic Hares All About Arctic Wolves All About Bald Eagles All About Bats All About Beavers All About Bees All About Blue Whales All About Caribou All About Cheetahs All About Clownfish All About Crocodiles All About Dolphins All About Elephants All About Emperor Penguins All About Fireflies All About Flamingos All About Flies All About Frogs All About Giraffes All Gorillas All Groundhogs All Hedgehogs All Hipp0s All Hyenas All Jellyfish All Kangaroos All Koalas All Ladybugs All Lions All About Meercats All About Monarch Butterflies All About Monkeys All About Musk Oxen All About Opossums All About Orca Whales All About Owls All About Pandas All About Parrots All About Polar Bears All About Porcupines All About the Praying Mantis All About Puffins All About Raccoons All About Reindeer All About Sea Horses All About Sea Turtles All About Sharks All About Spiders All About Star Fish All About The Octopus All About The Ostrich All About Tigers All About Turkeys All About Walruses All About Zebras Alligator (Gator) Award Camper Award 1, 2 Dog Award Fairy Tale Award Fire Safety Award Hats Off Award Ladybug Award Mickey Mouse Award Terrific Teeth Award Lost Tooth Award(updated) Weather Watcher Award Wee Wizard Award Snow Wonderful Award SPACEAwards1Tiger Award Bear 1, 2, Butterfly 1, 2 Camping Dog Fall Fall 4 per page Farm large, small Fire Safety Green Ladybug4Sticker Charts New Year Owl Picnic Racing Rain Rock Star 1, 2 Snoopy Snow Strawberries Turkey **Note: I have fixed where students write their name on a few of these booklets.

Creative Clips Calendars PDF 2019-2020 Creative Clips Calendars Aug-Dec 2019 Creative Clips Calendars Jan-July 2020 DJ Inkers Calendars PDF 2019-2020 DJ Inkers Calendars Aug-Dec 2019 DJ Inkers Calendars Jan-July 2020 Thistle Girl Calendars PDF 2019-2020 Thistle Girl Aug-Dec Cal2019 Thistle Girl Jan-July 2020 VERTICAL Calendars Creative Clips Aug-Dec Thistle Girl Vertical Calendars Aug-Dec Jan-July Thistle Girl Vertical Calendars Aug-Dec Thistle Girl Vertical Calendars Aug-Dec Thistle Girl Vertical Calendars Jan-July Can, Have, Are Pages Penguins Polar Bears FALL An Autumn Day ANTS ANTS 1 APPLES Apple Pie Caught A Fish Apple Seed Crossing the Street Dogs, Cats, Bears, & Bats Dogs, Cats, Bears, & Bats Poster, fixed Five Little Bees Fly Friends Great Gobblers Grey Squirrel HALLOWEEN Insects Johnny Appleseed Love Fall ***Stuffed Scarecrows (fixed) Signs of Fall Six Little Ghosts comp, poster Thanksgiving comp The Squirrel 1, 2 Snail Witches WINTER Christmas Tree Gingerbread Children Gingerbread House SEASONS **Updated from my old pages SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER Alligator or Crocodile In Praise of Penguins The Penguin The Polar Bear Is It True?

Mittens 1, 2 Presidents' Day Little Tommy Toothbrush Snow Day Leap Year Little Valentine Flying Popcorn The Rainbow Fish Green Eggs and Ham Horton Hears a Who The Lorax The Cat in the Hat The Cat in the Hat Comes Back Koala Lou Hunwick's Egg Possum Magic JULIUS Lilly's Big Day Wemberly Worried The Easter Egg A House for Hermit Crab Mister Seahorse Swimmy Dragon Gets By Easter Bunny The Rain Come to the Zoo What Is A Whale? In Praise of Penguins The Penguin The Polar Bear Is It True?


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