Twelfth Night Character Analysis Essay

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She describes love as something that comes upon her unexpectedly and out of nowhere, “Not too fast; soft, soft unless the masters were the man. Shakespeare’s creativity of the foil between the sayings “loves is blind” and Sebastian’s mistaken disguise as being Cesario, Olivia disregards Sebastian comments about being a stranger ignoring him and insisting that he is the man she fell in love with “So comes it, lady, you have been mistook But nature to her bias drew in that.

You would have been contracted to a maid Nor are you therein, by my life, deceived, You are betroth’d both to a maid and man” Act (V, I, 2460).

Olivia justifies his feminine features as a eunuch and is will to fall in love with Cesario. Through the next few acts she schemes to obtain the love of Cesario, a measly servant rather than giving her love to the Duke or Sir Andrew to retain the power she has being the woman of the house.

Olivia decision to fall in love with a eunuch despite knowing she won’t be able to have children enforces shows how that she is willing to cross the boundaries of society for true love. It is hard to take the character of Olivia seriously when we first find her in such despair that she doesn’t want to be seen by any man other than her servant Malvolio and her uncle, then in an instant she can turn to giving her love away to a younger, lower class servant that she barely knows.

Another character that falls deeply into a self satisfying love affair is Countess Olivia.

Olivia is blinded by love she and ignores the evidence that points to Cesario as actually not being whom he says he is, and over looks the possibility that Cesario might be a female despite his lack of masculine features.William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, is a rich comedy delving into the innate human desire for love.Shakespeare uses these characters merely as vessels for a larger insight into society as a whole.With that threat from the Duke, this comedy could have potentially been turned to tragedy.The Duke never once elaborates on the finer feelings for Olivia, he merely pines over her in a superficial way, and had Olivia given in to his persistence, the Duke would have gained a trophy wife, just someone pretty to look at.Through the use of language, the Duke speaks of a love that he wishes he could be full of and die away, “If music be the food of love, play on Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting The appetite may sicken, and so die” (Act I, I, 1-3).The Dukes case seems to be self indulgent, and gains enjoyment from being overdramatic.By ending of the play with three weddings Shakes pear sends the comments that love has no boundaries.When the reader is first introduced to Duke Orinso, he is accounting the first time he laid eyes upon the lady Olivia.The feeling of true love is so strong with in Olivia that she is will to accept a complete stranger to fill him that gap that true love meant.When Viola raveled herself, the reaction of Olivia is very calm for she has married the disguise that she has fallen in love with.


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