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There is little in depth philosophy or purpose embedded in it.

And whilst rote learning may have some use, it can mask the real danger of neglecting true understanding which is the essence of true education.

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Basing on this fact Henry Moseley in 1914 reorganized the entire periodic table.

He arranged elements in the increasing order of atomic number.One home educator interviewed by the BBC made the comment that it is just these kinds of destructive policies which deflect the real need of education to develop that understanding, and is often the reason why so many parents are turning their back on the system and home educating.This puts them in charge of their children’s activities, with far more time and opportunity to see that understanding is developed, over and above learning anything parrot fashion. But is rote learning the best use of teacher and pupil time when you can look up the answer on your device?It is the Moseley periodic table that we use today.As said earlier, atoms are arranged in the periodic table in rows and columns.What is sometimes overlooked is the fact that results are necessarily a reflection of the competence of the teachers.That’s the problem Ofsted comes up against, expecting all schools and staff to produce the same results irrespective of their catchment area, the cultural and financial setting, and the percentage of special needs within the school.I suspect it is more likely to make the whole learning climate a negative one, rather than the positive one it should be.And some argue that this move is little more than another political strategy on the part of the minister to gain popularity.The return to school this week goes hand in hand with new government plans for every child to know their Times Tables, up to twelve times, before they leave primary school at the age of eleven.The children will be given on-screen tests this summer – or checks as the government likes to call them – to assess their knowledge with a view to the procedure becoming school wide next year.


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