Thesis Performance Management

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flammable or toxic chemicals that have the potential to cause fatalities).

The same logic applies when using bowties for business risks: What are the hazards that have the potential to harm the business and lead to financial losses?

As in all hazard analysis methods, the right team must be in place.

The team should consist of an experienced group of personnel with specific, practical knowledge and expertise (e.g.

Using THESIS is a proactive bowtie approach for visualizing risk.

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The versatile tool enables every user to take a step further to ask "what else" can go wrong when the barriers that have been put into place fail.

Various experts have explained the concept in their own ways.

Mabey has prescribed the model in the form of ‘performance management cycle’.

Are reasonable efforts being taken to prevent that harm from occurring?

The most comprehensive method of THESIS is to ask these logical and structured questions to identify all of the hazards involved in an operation or facility (e.g.


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