Thesis Cover Page Design

Thesis Cover Page Design-19
The two additional copies are sent to the department.

Discuss all your wishes and ideas with your graphic designers to create the perfect cover!

To protect the cover, a thesis cover is often made with a laminate cover.

For the creation of your thesis cover, you can choose between two options.

The first option is standard, with a default layout for the cover.

The Library can refer them to an outside bindery company (not affiliated with Stevens) with whom they can make their own arrangements.

If you are including previously published material as part of your dissertation, either as an appendix or as part of the body of your paper, you must obtain written permission from the publisher to have the work included as part of your paper.

This ensures that our professionals can adequately incorporate it in your cover page.

The second option for a thesis cover is the creative design.

The title page is considered page i, but there is no page number printed on the title page.

The copyright page (if it is included) is considered page ii, but there is no page number printed on the copyright page.


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