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In the film she dies when her classmates are still at school whereas they had all left Marcia Blaine by the time she loses her life in the original story.Although Neame alters many aspects of the novel in his adaptation of 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie', the message of the story remains clear in the film.

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"Miss Mackay is younger than I am and higher salaried." 'Said Miss Brodie.' Teddy Lloyd is handicapped, missing one arm in the original story, however in the film he has two.

Robert Neame rules out many other details; the way that each girl in the Brodie set has their own individual way of positioning their hat on their head... Middle Throughout the novel she is predominantly portrayed as being a very strong minded and determined character.

A grade Higher English The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie novel critical essay (approx. The essay discusses how the theme of betrayal is conveyed and explores the use of foreshadowing, motif, symbolism, characterisation, parody, irony, and literary allusion techniques.

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Her attitude towards the girls is markedly similar in both the novel and the film although she shows more dislike towards Mary in the book.

I quote, "I never did like Mary..." Teddy is expected to be charming, fun and appealing given the depiction given of him in the novel, but the film portrays him as being overly persistent, impulsive and impolite.

In my opinion, his choice of ruling out some of the main characters was a good one.

It allowed him to emphasise on each character more thoroughly, enhancing our opinions of each of them separately instead of us merely perceiving them as 'the Brodie set'.

Introduction Hannah van den Brul 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'; a comparison between the novel and the film.

What does the story loose and gain in its screen adaptation?


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