The Body Of The Beholder Essay

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Well, see you are again deviating from the main topic, what has healthy and happy got to do with beauty?

A lot indeed, good health allows excellent body circulation, that keeps the skin well nourished and glowing, not to mention doing away with that flabby tummy..being happy is all it’s about, If you are happy you look beautiful with that lovely smile on your glowing face.. Not to mention other ways of being happy.using your brain to develop a talent and succeed, but well I agree you may get prejudged and success may require more efforts than just talent and developing a beautiful personality may be one of those.. or Is it just the “looks” that are needed to be out there and be admired or achieve what you want.

They may not be so kind, may not have intelligent thoughts, yet they look beautiful enough to succeed. Doesn’t that mean that in this process of judging occasionally real talent may get ignored while untalented few may get picked because they please the eyes of the beholder?

Yes, this may happen quite often…But not all the time…I can name a number of individuals who have been successful by their talent and intellect rather than by superficial beauty alone.

So lets just extend it and say-beautiful to our ears. like for instance beautiful smell, and beautiful texture? Wow So beauty may involve a perception of pleasure to all our senses….

What about an individual with a beautiful/ pleasing personality?

But these were/are exceptionally intelligent and talented individuals, for example Picasso, Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.

King, Nelson Mandela, Steven Hawkins, Steve Wonder and many more…How do they do it? Were they not prejudged like rest of us and continue to face it? I guess their success lies in the fact that they do not care about being prejudged or set standards of their time.

A post I created recently is called “Beauty Will Save the World”.

It very briefly summarizes a small part of an amazing radio broadcast by the same name.


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