The Best Strategy For Answering Essay Questions Is

The Best Strategy For Answering Essay Questions Is-31
When answering a computational question, you don’t even have to use sentences at all.You can just show your calculations and make sure to clearly state what the answer is.b) Organization – response is arranged logically and coherently.

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Facing the essays is an inevitable part of passing the CMA exam, so you must master them during your studies by following these seven essential CMA essay study tips.

Once you review them, learn even more about acing the CMA exam essays by watching this informative webinar.

By doing so, you can secure some easy points and let your mind warm up for the more involved questions.

This strategy helps you feel confident in your essay performance, but don’t let it cause you to leave a question blank.

Double-check that you’ve answered every question by clicking through all of them before exiting the scenario.

Earning more points on each essay question increases your likelihood of CMA exam success.

If you have done that, the exam will move you into the essay section once you have answered all 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) or three hours have passed, whichever comes first.

You have a minimum of one hour to respond to the essay scenarios, but if you finish the MCQs in less than three hours, your remaining exam time carries over to the essays.

As the first CMA review provider, Gleim has been helping candidates pass the exam for nearly 40 years, so we know what you must do to succeed on the essays.

Here are seven tips to help you maximize your score on the essay portion of the CMA exam.


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