Symbolism In The Old Man And The Sea Essays

Awhile after Santiago had reeled in the marlin, sharks start to trace the blood trail it had left behind.

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Even the position in which Santiago collapses on his bed—he lies face down with his arms out straight and the palms of his hands up—brings to mind the image of Christ on the cross.

Hemingway employs these images in order to link Santiago to Christ, who exemplified transcendence by turning loss into gain, defeat into triumph, and even death into life.

Hemingway uses this novel as a symbol of the human condition: the struggle to survive and maintain one's dignity in a cruel and heartless world.

While reading this novel, I felt sorry for Santiago, yet at the same time, admiration for his will not to Old Man And The Sea Out of every single book that is in the ninth grade curriculum there is only one that is worth keeping. Other books students have read throughout the course of the year include; Death Be Not Proud, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Romeo and Juliet, and finally The Odyssey.

The two of the men enjoy the sport of fishing more than anything, so much that they stay on the sea for eighty days without catching a single fish.

Symbolism In The Old Man And The Sea Essays

One day Santiago casts his line in the water and hooks a monstrous eighteen-foot long marlin Ernest Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea shines as example of the bravery that is required to chance at conquering the ultimate struggle.The Use of Christian Symbolism in The Old Man and the Sea Christian symbolism, especially images that refer to the crucifixion of Christ, is present throughout The Old Man and the Sea.During the old man’s battle with the marlin, his palms are cut by his fishing cable.Not many possess the ability to That salt seawater stench grazes your nose, "gawk gawk" as the seagulls make their infamous noise. This proved to be one of Earnest Hemmingway's greatest achievements.This critically acclaimed book is credited for giving Hemmingway his noble prize.He has not caught a fish in 84 days and has been relying on the help of others from the village.In, The Old The Old Man and the Sea is a short, but rich novel about an old fisherman who, after eighty-four unsuccessful days in a row, hooks the largest fish of his life.The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway, is a great work of literature.I found this book to be a good reading for a course such as "The Common Course"; it is an excellent example of humanity.It is a work so masterful and timeless that it won the Pulitzer Prize and helped its author win the Nobel Prize, “The Old Man and The Sea” did not reach such lofty heights by mere luck.In creating On the surface, The Old Man and the Sea is the story of an old man trying to catch fish to save himself from poverty, but under the surface are many underlying messages and themes.


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