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In the way she writes, she is also making an argument about how we can know and understand the past…” (pg.844)Griffin strikes all of these aspects in her essay.

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This is usually the most challenging step since it is associated with varied risks; however, it is worth noting that high risk usually results in high returns.

Nonetheless, it is advisable for Griffin to allocate her assets in different ventures so that she may spread the risks (Elton 707).

Her current financial needs are quite high; therefore, it would be for investments into businesses that will have equivalent or higher returns.

The greater return possibilities usually come at greater losses risk expenses.

Additionally, she may as well forgo the expenses accrued in the tax-deductible expenses including charitable giving and property taxes.

After determining the assets, it would be vital for Griffin to determine the appropriate asset allocation.Susan Griffin’s “Our Secret” is an essay in which she carefully constructs and describes history, particularly World War II, through the lives of several different people.Taken from her book A chorus of Stones, her concepts may at first be difficult to grasp; however David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky say that,“Griffin writes about the past - how we can know it, what its relation to the present, why we should care.Two other authors, Richard Rodriguez, and Ralph Ellison, who write about their experiences in life can possibly be better understood as historical texts when viewed through the eyes of Griffin.Rodriguez explores his own educational history in his essay “The Achievement of Desire” and Ralph Ellison depicts his own journeys and personal growth in his essay, “An Extravagance of Laughter”.The rest of the investment should investments in the U. The latter company ventures less into a risky business; thus, it is unlikely to make much profit.It should be noted that Griffin was worried about active involvement into the business, these investment types will keep her active by monitoring the movement of these three stock markets and with the advice from her brokers, she will know when to sell and buy the same with return maxim.Both essays, which when seen through Susan Griffin’s perspective, can be reopened and examined from a different historical view, perhaps allowing them to be understood with a more lucid view of history and what it is really about. Many believe that history is what is read in textbooks, or what is seen on the news.If Susan Griffin were asked that question, she would probably argue that history is much more than that. According to Susan's listing, her nondiscretionary expenses include utility bills, automobile expenses, and medical insurance.She notes that these expenses will be difficult to cut down since regardless of the turn in her business ventures, she must continue leading a comfortable life.


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