Solving Population Growth Problems

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When the population doubles, N = 2N In many ways, it is similar to half-life.

But instead of the time it takes for half the isotopes to decay, it is the time it takes for a known quantity to double.

Would we have such a problem with the top three -- pollution, global warming and habitat -- if world population was not so large?

Other than some of the natural disasters (and even those are arguable), most of these other environmental problems are due to overpopulation.

This printer-friendly version should be used only to review, as it does not contain any of the interactive material, and only a skeletal version of problems solved in the module.

Resource Use | Exponential Growth | Prediction | Distribution | Examples & Exercises There are 5 main concepts that our students struggle with when learning about population growth and the relationship of population to geological resource use: Students do not understand that overpopulation is the cause of many other environmental problems.Remember on the first day of class, I asked you to list three important global environmental problems.Here are the results of those surveys: How many of these problems are the direct or indirect result of overpopulation?Developed countries, in general, have and use more of the Earth's resources. generated 27.5% of the world's total CO emissions; more than five times that of India (5% of the world's total), a country with 4-5 times the population of tht U. In fact, the way of life in the United States, on average, requires approximately 5 times the resources available on Earth today (Earthday Network).Population growth in developed countries puts a greater strain on global resources and the environment than growth in less developed nations. To emphasize the disparate effects of population and lifestyle in developed vs.On a global scale, it is probably pretty intuitive to students that the presence of more people in the world causes a bigger strain on natural resources.What may not be intuitive is the concept of sustainability. Many other organizations define it in differently; however, the crux of the definition is the same.To help students understand this, one of my colleagues asks her students to list three important local and global environmental issues as part of a survey on the first day of class.During the following lecture, she presents overpopulation as the top environmental problem: It may surprise many of you to find out that overpopulation is a leading global environmental problem.Essential to understanding the mathematics of population growth is the concept of doubling time.Doubling time is the time it takes for population to double and it is related to the rate of growth.


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