Sigma-Bond Metathesis

Sigma-Bond Metathesis-74
The authors report herein synthetic and structural studies of hydride and hydrocarbyl derivatives of permethylscandocene, together with investigations of their reactivities with H/sub 2/ and hydrocarbons. Experiments designed to probe the mechanism of these processes have been carried out, and the possibility of involvement of the ..

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It has been suggested that dehydrocoupling reactions proceed via sigma-bond metathesis.

Many of us are already aware of the definition of a sigma bond from our teachers, text books or from many of the websites online.

It is easy to see that the the four Hydrogens that will bond with the carbon all have a single 1s orbital with a single unpaired electron in each.

This makes it very easy for it to bond with the carbon. The two types of orbitals overlap in an end-to-end manner and form four single bonds which are referred to as sigma bonds giving us our methane molecule.

Misconception: many students after drawing such electron dot diagrams fail to appreciate that in reality molecules exist as a 3D system and not as a two dimensional system as shown above.

These diagrams are drawn for simplicity and should not be viewed as an exact representation of what a molecule looks like.

Now remember the energy that the carbon atom gained to promote one of its electrons from the 2s to the 2p In the case of Ethene, there is a difference from methane or ethane, because each carbon is only joining to three other atoms rather than four.

When the carbon atoms hybridise their outer orbitals before forming bonds, this time they only hybridise three of the orbitals rather than all four.

However, if you are still not aware of what these two bonds are, then here is a basic definition of the two: It is important to note that different sources use different terms to define what a sigma and pi bond is.

However, once examined carefully, it will be evident that they all try to explain the same thing.


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