Shawshank Redemption Essay Introduction

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He does not get discouraged when Red tells him that hope is a dangerous thing. He also tells Heywood and Red that they will like a book, The Shawshank prison is an institution of cruelty where inmates are beaten, starved and abused.Andy believes that the prison can deny him freedom, but prison can not deny him hope; in fact, hope is the only thing that cannot be taken from someone.For instance, Andy tells Red that he listens to Mozart in his head.However, the corrupt prison authorities are not done with Andy yet; they want to continue laundering money.Therefore, the Warden has Tommy killed with escape being used as a cover.To do so, Andy goes from being an honest, moral man to a crook who used all his knowledge and skills as a mechanism of defense.The protagonist manages to gain Norton’s and the institutional guard’s respect; thus, he contributes to the progress of inmates and plays a key role in the prison community.However, Andy is not foolish, and he makes sure he makes enough loopholes that make the wardens, at one time in future, caught.A moment of great hope comes when Tommy, a fellow inmate, comes with a tale of innocence that could set Andy free.The wardens do this in an attempt to obscure the redemptive power of hope from the minds of inmates.This method is successful, and a lot of prisoners, in Shawshank, are hopeless.


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