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You can choose which one is most suitable for your task.

Do you print out your script pages as you go along, or do you wait until you have a completed draft before printing out the whole thing (assuming you’re using a word processor and not a typewriter.) There’s nothing more motivating to me than to see pages of script piling up, but then if I want to make a change to what I’ve written already there’s a potential for waste and I feel bad enough that we’re still using trees for paper instead of something more plentiful and efficient like cotton or hemp.

The staves are larger than normal, so are useful for practising writing clefs and notes.

Open the 10 stave manuscript paper This is a simple page containing 12 staves, evenly spaced.

These answers will change more than once during the work on the script, and that’s fine. Even if you write a TV series or a movie that has more than one main character (which happens, especially in TV), I suggest that at this stage of the process, you focus on one character.

Another benefit of answering these questions is you’ll know what choices and decisions your character will make when facing a dilemma.Picture it as vividly and with as many details as you can. However, here is a tutorial on how to set your script template in word.For example, what kind of technology is available in your world? Screenwriters fall into two groups: those who think rewriting is the easy part, and those who hate to rewrite (ME! Whether you like it or loathe it, you have to rewrite, and you have to rewrite well.Open the 12 stave manuscript paper A page containing 16 evenly spaced staves.Useful for writing orchestral scores or where you would like to fit a lot of music on to one page.Open the 20 stave manuscript paper These sheets are laid out in pairs of staves, suitable for writing music for piano, keyboard, harp, etc.There is a version with the treble and bass clefs already printed, and one without the clefs.Open the 16 stave manuscript paper A page containing 20 evenly spaced staves.Useful for writing large orchestral scores or where you would like to fit a lot of music on to one page.In the early days of ink-jet printers, there was a lot more incentive to economize: printing an entire script could take half an hour, and cost a few bucks’ worth of ink.Now, with fast-and-cheap laser printers, the temptation is to print a lot more. The business of making movies already wastes a lot of paper — everything from call sheets, to budgets, to rainbow-colored script revisions.


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