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It's a large private university in a mid sized city.

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Wait, you’re telling me he quoted Ludacris in a list about the best creative writing colleges?

Therefore, take his value judgments in this section with a bulldog-sized bucket of salt. ) and hosts a naked run during finals, and beautiful Beinecke Library is one of the world’s largest buildings devoted solely to rare books and manuscripts.

In 2015, 176 students graduated in the study area of Creative Writing with students earning 176 Master's degrees.

Stony Brook University offers 4 Creative Writing Degree programs. In 2015, 74 students graduated in the study area of Creative Writing with students earning 54 Master's degrees, and 20 Certificates degrees.

The New School offers 2 Creative Writing Degree programs.

It's a medium sized private university in a large city.In 2015, 14 students graduated in the study area of Creative Writing with students earning 14 Bachelor's degrees.SUNY College at Oswego offers 4 Creative Writing Degree programs.Hamilton College offers 4 Creative Writing Degree programs.It's a small private university in a outlying rural. Yale’s most iconic writing courses are “Daily Themes,” for which students write a 300-word mini-essay five days a week, and “Writing About Oneself,” a nearly three-hour seminar as emotionally intense as it is writing-intensive. Yale’s 12 residential colleges libraries are open 24 hours a day, Sterling Library looks like a Gothic cathedral, Bass Library is underground (cool! Courses include American poetry, contemporary poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, memoir and personal essays, and contemporary short stories. Mark’s Bookshop); and the historic center of the Beat Generation. It seems like everyone with a book deal and an MFA has taught, or currently teaches, at NYU: Jo Ann Beard, E. Doctorow, Jonathan Safran Foer, Zadie Smith, Colson Whitehead, and—many moons ago—Ralph Waldo Ellison. “Hydropoetics: Art, Activism, Water,” “What Is Memory? All undergraduates take a Writing Seminar freshman year. A notably hipster liberal arts college whose massive presence in pop culture belies its tiny student body of 1,300 undergraduates. Suburban Yonkers, New York, half an hour north of Manhattan. Essayist Jo Ann Beard and novelist Alexander Chee are professors, while screenwriter J. Abrams and writers Ann Patchett and Alice Walker are alumni. “Writing Healthy Baltimore,” “Becoming a Science Journalist,” and “Healing: Politics and Poetics” say all you need to know about JHU’s science-with-a-side-of-humanities bent. S., NYU offers an English major and a Creative Writing minor. The heart of Greenwich Village, near all things literary: the publishing industry; some of the best bookstores anywhere (including The Strand, Mc Nally Jackson, and St. Cue the cynics proclaiming the uselessness of a liberal arts education. (Kidding.) “How to Write a Novel in Twelve Weeks (or at Least Make a Start)” is alternatively titled “Lessons in Overambition.” (Also kidding.) In “Action, Being, Doing, and Making,” you’ll “observe people’s behaviors in restaurants and on the street.” (Not kidding.) Anything else? Sewanee, Tennessee, whose one and only attraction, according to Trip Advisor, is the university itself. In 2015, 74 students graduated in the study area of Creative Writing with students earning 74 Bachelor's degrees.Syracuse University offers 2 Creative Writing Degree programs.


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