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When the SAT was revamped in 2016, the SAT Essay underwent significant changes. Many colleges still require students to submit an SAT Essay score, however, so this change is not as major as those that occurred to the essay’s structure and purpose.The old SAT essay consisted of a question for debate, and students were to present a clear argument for one side.However, here is how we recommend you allocate those 50 minutes: We recommend reading the prompts first because it will give you an appropriate lens with which to read the passage.

Despite associations with earnest idealism, “goodness” is a smart sell.

It comes down to marketing logic — with the side benefit of possibly changing our collective conscience for the better.

When students are in a time crunch, they tend to make simple grammatical errors that could lower their score.

If you can, make sure you go back and read through your essay to correct for any such errors.

Their list of related searchable topics can be found at Provide students with 25 minutes of class time to construct an essay that advocates for the singular point of view inspired by the thesis statement.

Allow students to keep a copy of the earlier practice activities and essay prep guidelines on their desktop to remind them of the steps necessary to complete the essay successfully. When time expires, collect essays and score them using the SAT Essay Scoring Guide. Encourage students to perform this activity multiple times before the exam.

Having applied to over 8 universities, each with different application platforms and requirements, she is eager to share her knowledge now that her application process is over.

Other than writing, Sadhvi's interests include dancing, playing the piano, and trying not to burn her apartment down when she cooks!

Also, encourage them to watch multiple programs the day before the exam to create an accessible knowledge base they can use for the purposes of illustrative examples.

NOW programs are of an ideal size for this use, and NOW themes represent a wide range of relatable topics.


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