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Yet many Europeans believed Africa to be the “Dark Continent,” a continent of poverty, harsh climate, and political turmoil (Woods 10).

Yet many Europeans believed Africa to be the “Dark Continent,” a continent of poverty, harsh climate, and political turmoil (Woods 10).

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White settlers from the Netherlands arrived in South Africa in the mid 17th century, forcing the occupants of South Africa out of their land or using them as laborers.

The “Scramble for Africa” then came in the 18th and 19th century where the French, British, Portuguese, Germans, Belgians, Spanish, and Dutch colonized and took control of almost all the African continent (Woods 15).

This party began in the 19th century, and spurred on many other parties from that point on.

Opposition to apartheid was also influenced by outside powers, such as Mahatma Gandhi’s theory of non-violence.

In 1993, he received the Nobel Peace prize on behalf of all the South Africans who suffered to bring peace to the land. Apartheid did not receive any international attention when the laws were first created in 1948.

The rise of the civil rights movement in the United States and the revolt of colonial rule in Asia and Africa drew attention to the situation in South Africa (see African American Studies and Postcolonialism).Once arrested, many died in custody, or were sentenced to prison for life.Nelson Mandela became involved with the ANC, African National Congress during the peak of the Second World War.The student to teacher ratio for white schools was and for the African schools, in 1981.Due to the inadequate educational system of the African schools, many African students did not go beyond primary school, while the White children were mandated to attend school until the age of fifteen.South Africa is a land of abundant natural resources, mild climate, and fertile lands.Resources range from diamond and gold to platinum, and the land is fertile enough to feed the rest of the world if cultivated intensively.His job was to travel around the country, organizing resistance against discrimination.Because of his role in the ANC, Mandela was convicted of violating the Suppression of Communism Act and sent to a Johannesburg prison for six months.After the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960, the ANC was outlawed.Mandela continued to fight for the rights of his people, traveling illegally outside South Africa in 1962, and addressing the Conference of the Pan African Freedom Movement of East and Central Africa.


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