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There is a plethora of research on death-related issues.Entire volumes have been devoted to studies on bereavement (Stroebe, 2008), there are numerous reviews of the literature on death anxiety (e.g., Missler et al., 2011), and a number of journals specialize in the study of topics associated with death (i.e., ).All submissions of the EM system will be redirected to Online Manuscript Submission System.

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Cohen-Mansfield and colleagues (2018) identify several different trajectories that emerge during the end of life period.

Moreover, these investigators attribute these trajectories to unexpected health-related events as well as changes in existing physical and mental health conditions.

Consequently, the purpose of the discussion that follows is to argue that adopting the basic principles in research on stress and health makes it possible to elaborate and extend the findings from these important papers (Pearlin, 2010).

Two basic principles from the stress paradigm are utilized below to accomplish these objectives (Pearlin, 2010).

Koss (2018) reports that Blacks are less likely than Whites to have advanced directives regarding end of life issues (e.g., resuscitation).

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Moreover, she indicates that these race differences persist even after several different facets of religious life are taken into account.

These age differences are, however, difficult to explain.

Two findings from the stress literature provide some insight into this issue.

(2018) study age differences in the relationship between religious hope and death anxiety.

Initially, the diversity in this research may seem overwhelming.


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