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What’s also important is the blank space, a place for the reader to fill in, to meet the author on the page.

It’s never enough to get into writing camp, every day is showing up and saying We re-ordered the cards. *** The Bombay ladies got the point: write small and often. Braided Essay You can braid as many strands as you like, but just like with hair, more than three is hard and less than three is even harder. *** As well as the writer’s own voice, a braided essay can use an external voice to provide details the writer may not have known at the time. Keep what isn’t too bad, what you can still use, what’s of value. However, there’s a funny trick that happens with lyric: a blurring begins. It occurs every time you sing your favorite song – the ‘I’ of another enters your mouth.

The teacher showed us the point: listen to the words, stop trying so hard. The purpose of the outside voice is to shadow the writer’s voice, according to Brenda Miller in . You may feel hesitant to give up on the mushroom, but sometimes you have to negotiate the value of the mushroom against how compromised it’s become. You temporarily share someone’s else’s identity, their turn of phrase, and you Because of your elite status from a year’s worth of travel, you have already settled into your window seat on United Airlines, when the girl and the mother arrive at your row.

When was the pen supposed to hit the paper, exactly? *** The paper shop on the corner had index cards for 30 rupees, so I bought five packs, enough for everyone to take some home. In high school, Taco Bell napkins and the backs of receipts. * Is this a craft essay infected by a lyric essay, or a lyric essay infected by a craft essay? ” Lyrical writing, like the lyre it originally accompanied, holds its heart in song and in the address of another.

*** In Ohio, we shuffled index cards of memories, our teacher guiding us through only enough text to fit on the card, calming a class of overachievers. And over vegan ladoos and the memory of all the ladoos ever eaten, round and floury and soaked with ghee, we wrote just enough to fill the cards. Folders of scraps still live in my basement, waiting. Convince yourself it will be altered in the shaping/cooking of it anyways. Take a deep breath and swallow it whole, bugs and all. The lobster mushroom, the parasitic fungus, has a super power: it infests mushrooms, matter that is otherwise inedible, possibly toxic, and makes it safe for consumption. __ Heidi Czerwiec is a poet and essayist and serves as Poetry Editor at When the world all around is calling for clear distinctions, loyalties to Self and hatred of others . It is an observation shared with someone else, when the ‘I’ of the singer births a ‘you’ in the form of an audience, or a writer a reader.

The time will come when our students, or our mother (in an attempt to seem interested for real and not just because it’s her kid) will ask about essays. We’ll realize it’s been a while since we were in a workshop and nobody else has the notes, and strongly consider retreating to a nice orderly sonnet.

” Or perhaps we will want to write a braided essay, or a collage, without really grasping what, exactly that is.

“The lyric essay doesn’t care about figuring out why papa lost the farm or why mama took to drink,” writes Sue William Silverman. the reader accepts the emotion of the piece itself as the essential ‘fact’.” Rankine’s ‘not strictly nonfiction, but not fiction either’ asks a reader to explore what it means to have a black body in this world. (Please don’t.) What nobody tells you is that if you believe in yourself and dream big dreams you will still come in second to someone who worked hard. Or to someone no better than you and there will be no reason at all.

“It’s more interested in replicating the feeling of that experience . She actively destabilizes her own text, asking her reader to cross lyric’s transitional space over and over again. What nobody tells you is that if you believe in yourself and dream big dreams and work hard you can accomplish anything, but if you’re willing to wear a sexy outfit while accomplishing it, or include vampires, you’ll get paid a lot more.

The fragments work like shards of a glass: each one a self-contained moment; a ragged edge flowing into the next. Try to make the whole watertight–or leak artistically.

*** I sat in a living room in Bombay with women writers who didn’t have time to write. Live-in in-laws, kids needing three hots and a well-made cot, maids who got sick or got lazy and had to be watched. “I could write a card while I wait for the pot to boil.” *** In middle school I wrote on Mc Donalds napkins. —smooth narratives—what greater threat exists than that voice which rejects such easy orthodoxies with their readily understood rhetoric and urges, instead, the most difficult readings, those that embrace the painfully impossible in the human heart?


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