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Thus, parasites such as tapeworms and disease-causing microorganisms such as species (both of which will occasionally be found in raw food) can be controlled or destroyed by irradiation.

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Likewise, it is effective against insects and moulds, which, if uncontrolled, can destroy grain stocks.

Irradiation is thus an effective means of controlling all biological processes, which would render the food supply unpalatable or unsafe (Suresh , 2005; Miller, 2005).

The choice of irradiation method will depend on the material needing to be treated.

Thus, to treat the surface or a thin layer of a food, one would usually choose beta particles (i.e. These are easy to produce electronically but they do not have deep penetrating power.

Currently regulations on food irradiation in the European Union are not fully harmonised.

Directive 1999/2/EC establishes a framework for controlling irradiated foods, their labelling and importation, while Directive 1999/3 establishes an initial positive list of foods which may be irradiated and traded freely between Member States.

At no time during the irradiation process does the food come into contact with the radiation source and, by using gamma rays, X-rays up to 5Mev or electron beams up to 10 Me V, it is not possible to induce radioactivity in the food.

The length of time the food is exposed to the ionising energy coupled with the strength of the source determine the irradiation dose, measured in grays (Gy) or kilograys (k Gy), the food receives (1k Gy = 1,000 Gy).

Irradiation is extensively used in the medical field for sterilising instruments, dressings, etc.

Food irradiation is the process of exposing food to a carefully controlled amount of energy in the form of high-speed particles or electromagnetic radiation.


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