Queen Elizabeth 1 Biography Essay

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The puritans were against Catholism and wanted to abolish it all together.Another famous tutor from Cambridge was Roger Ascham, one of the most brilliant Hellenists in England.Of Elizabeth, he later wrote: "Yea, I believe, that beside her perfect readiness in Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish, she readeth here now at Windsor more Greek every day than some prebendary of this church doth read Latin in a whole week." The royal children were also instructed in mathematics, geography, astronomy, history and music.Elizabeth was known as ‘one of England’s strongest Monarchs’.Elizabeth cradled the country of England in her arms as they successfully overcame a very rough time.To intercept the Spaniards, England sent their ships. What had happened was England had sunk quit a few of Spain’s ships.The reason for the improved structure of these ships was that they were smaller and more manageable. However, the ships that had not got to damage tried to escape to the North Sea.This incident pushed Phillip II over the edge and he felt that there was no reason not to invade on England.Phillip II sent a hundred and thirty ships towards the English Channel.One of the three major problems that Elizabeth had to face was the Spanish Armada.It began when Phillip It’s wife Mary, also Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded by Elizabeth’s signature on her death warrant.


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