Problem Solving Maths Questions

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Read Lynne's article which discusses the place of problem solving in the new curriculum and sets the scene.

In the second article, Jennie offers you practical ways to investigate aspects of your classroom culture and in the third article, she suggests three ways in which we can support children in becoming competent problem solvers.

Test yourself and share these problem solving quizzes with your friends and peers to find out who is the quiz champ!

Enhance your knowledge about a topic or learn something completely new by answering quiz questions.

There are two collections of NRICH tasks which are good starting points if you wish to focus on this skill: Trial and Improvement at KS1 Trial and Improvement at KS2 In the context of problem solving, working systematically could be thought of as working in a methodical and efficient way which could clearly show others that a pattern or system is being used.

How To Write A Outline For A Essay - Problem Solving Maths Questions

This is important, for example, when a task entails finding all possibilities, or when it is helpful to structure a method for solving a problem.

In reality, trial and improvement involves trying something out, which will always give more insight into the context and therefore gives the solver a better idea of what to try next.

Trial and improvement is often the start of working systematically.

This takes us back to the Developing Excellence in Problem Solving with Young Learners article, where Jennie also suggests that our choice of task can affect learners' confidence and competence as problem solvers.

So, I shall now take each problem-solving skill in turn and suggest groups of NRICH tasks which might help develop it.


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