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The word “popular” comes from Latin word “populus” which means “people”.

One should understand that pop culture is not an obscure matter.

This is the union of thoughts, images, attitudes, and ideas that most people prefer.

It is intended to someone’s taste and understanding rather being tied to intellectual aspects. Culture is a term that is used in all sorts of different studies: anthropology, sociology, history.

Pop culture permeates every area of society, under a range of categories including, music, movies, sports, news, celebrities and fashion.

Popular culture is a powerful phenomenon and is capable of influencing and controlling social norms.provide examples and facts, and use your logical thinking to make your readers believe your point of view.We recommend you to use the classic five-paragraph structure to make your writing readable. Surprisingly, the general public learns more about science from pop culture than from scientific sources.Although pop culture is an indispensable part of modern society, it often faces criticism from the members of non-mainstream groups.They consider this culture to be superficial, primitive, and stultifying.Pop culture involves all that is vital, outstanding, and thrilling in a certain period.Popular culture is something that is most important for average people, their everyday life. Before that period people used the word “popular” to describe something that was best (like books) or something that belonged to the top (like top music list).While figuring out what pop culture is, it is important to look at the word “popular” that will help someone to find answer.Yet, how can beliefs and tendencies with such a great number of fans be bad?Maybe pop culture will not teach us how to be geniuses.


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