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Professor Kenneth Husted (Head of Department): corporate entrepreneurship, innovation and research management, knowledge management, management of R&D and research commercialisation Associate Professor Maureen Benson-Rea: international business strategy, internationalisation, networks, international marketing, European business Dr Jose Brache: international entrepreneurship, SMEs internationalisation, inter-firm cooperation, industrial clusters, networks, international business strategy Dr Brent Burmester: political economy of foreign direct investment and the multinational enterprise (MNE), the political behaviour of international businesses, global regulation of foreign direct investment (FDI), MNEs and human rights Professor Natasha Hamilton-Hart: business government relations (especially in Southeast Asia), political economy approaches to institutions and collective action, financial regulation and capital mobility, with a focus on intra-Asia investment flows Professor Snejina Michailova: (global) talent management, modern slavery, host country nationals, expatriation/repatriation, knowledge transfer across borders Associate Professor Christina Stringer: international business (in particular Asia and Latin America), forced labour and human trafficking in the fishing industry, migrant worker exploitation in New Zealand; modern slavery and global value chains Dr Dan Tisch: strategic management focusing on sustainability, climate change adaptation and resilience, corporate social responsibility in international business Dr Joseph Yan: strategy and institutional studies focusing on international business context Dr Peter Zamborsky: international business, strategy and innovation There are several scholarships you may be eligible for when you decide to pursue your doctoral studies in International Business.Companies and institutions need professionals with the skills to manage and market knowledge-intensive products, as well as professionals with a deep understanding of the scientific principles underlying products and processes.

It might seem that a lot of topics have been already explored; however, there are so many phenomena to study yet.

Here are some amazing ideas you can use in your research.

A dissertation is a serious academic work that takes a lot of effort and should have scientific value to provide information for further research. It also must deal with the field of knowledge you are working on and has not yet been completely explored.

It can be a new perspective on an existing issue or research on a completely new phenomenon.

All students enrolled onto the programme will be supported by supervisors who will help them develop a research and writing plan and guide them through the preparation of a formal final research proposal during their first two semesters of study.

All research students must also subject their work to an Annual Progress Review.

And it must be available for exploration, meaning that you have ways to research and measure it and provide a sensible conclusion. Probably your professor will give you several suggestions as they are more knowledgeable of the state of science. Write down phenomena that interest you personally and try to think of how they can be explored.

Another good idea is to look through samples of dissertation papers – they will inspire you and give an idea of what has been done before.

Writing a dissertation on this subject is a great investment in your future if you want to be involved in business management.

Not only do you have an opportunity to create an impact on the sphere but also become a source of future development. dissertation topics in the different aspects of Economic Sciences.


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