Personal Expereince Essay

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That was so hard to do it, because I had to choose between my mom and my brother who was in Poland. Moreover at the airport when I was after the passport examination and I saw my mom from far away I started to regret my decision.

Afterward, while I was sitting in the plane I felt that my heart is broken but I was thinking that my brother is in Poland and waiting for me.

Whatever that kind of experience it would remain in our memories for either short, long or very long time, it depends on how much change occurred to us. Read More Behavior is almost contagious among teenagers. Read More As an eight teen year old high school senior i have been through alot.

Good behavior by peers can spread thought the group. My mother has it easy now, some teenagers are out late at parties to sneaking out with their friends, while I am at home with my friends. Read More ESSAY 1 Many of my peers have tried to sway me from taking Biology Honors because they believed that the class was too difficult, and although I respected their concerns I felt that any subject could be conquered with the right tactics. My family started out as my mom and I living on our own in Carrollton,texas.

In my whole life I have gained and still make new experiences.

I learnt how important is to listen other people and how to make a difficult decisions. When my dad past away I was very close to my grandfather, in fact he took a place after him.

When my mom went to Canada I was living with him and with my brother.

He took part in the war and he used to try telling me about his experience, but I did not listen to him.

The experience in life makes people more carefully or giving a knowledge about stuff that they didn’t hear before.

Joe Schneider 90899 This story led me to feel that in the 40s segregation was still very much in action and that the minorities were getting the short end of the stick.


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