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It may seem like a trivial change, but it’s actually pretty significant.I don’t think anyone anytime soon is going to forget what literally really means, but it really got me thinking about the fluidity of language.

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I think it’s incredible how far we have come in technological advancements and I’m all for people making the best use of them.

Cell phones are something that have gone from being a commodity to a necessity.

He wrote a “personal narrative to describe the process by which [he] came to share their belief that full attention to the non-Western world had become essential for any responsible grasp of the history of Christianity” (xi).

Noll is a historian who currently works at Notre Dame University in Indiana, and has spent his life wresting with the tough questions of how Christianity has shifted from the west to one that is growing in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

I mean if you have a smartphone, you literally (no, but seriously) get to have a world of information at your fingertips.

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Also your level of sociability isn’t dependent on your cell phone, but rather on you.

We’ve all been guilty of taking one too many selfie, but what’s so wrong with wanting to remember the good things that happen?

Our memories are reconstructive, so isn’t it better to look back through all the happy photos of your time then try and think about all the bad things?

Personally I think people are often too critical of advancement in technology.

They dread every little change that is made because it takes away form the “good old days”.


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