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Explore the risk associated with building the product, like malfunctions in software; business risks, like competition, losing the market value; and more.4.

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An operational plan must be able to give answers to these four questions: Where’s our product at present? It should also contain the current financial sources, potential sources of funding, and more.3.

Risk evaluation/management — Analyze the risk associated with your software product.

While strategic business planning gives you the objectives, direction and hypothetical prospect of your business, an operational planning will give you a more practical approach towards selling your software product.

An operational plan describes the everyday workflow of the product development, how and when to perform specific process, and more. Required Human Resource — An operational plan must contain the details about the required skill set and efficient staffs for working on the product development.

You need to understand the business economy, your users’ requirements, and must start improving your product to stay on the race.

You must start working towards promoting your product, increasing its market value, gaining new customers while holding back the existing ones, improve the quality and add new features to your product, and more to turn your software project into a successful business.You should describe the anticipated legal issues in advance and outline a plan for addressing them. The above template is an operational plan template designed to present your day to day actions and plans in details.You will need to account for the necessary production activity act each stage.Outline the day-to-day activity necessary to carry out your business.You may also want to create a third category of production costs for non-recurring, incidental costs associated with operations.Now is the place to provide detailed information about the companies/individuals who will supply you with the inventory/materials outlined above.The key considerations in developing a payment plan include: maintaining positive relations with the supplier/servicer, optimizing the use of available cash.If the supplier/servicer offers a discount for early payment then you should consider whether this option is in your best interest.As part of the operations process, you may be in the role of creditor to a servicer or supplier.You should develop a plan for payment of accounts owed.


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