Nyu Poly Personal Essay

I was lucky enough to get a ,000 scholarship from NYU and a large sum of money from the tuition assistance program at my dad's workplace.The rest will come from my parents and student loans. For search tips and the facts on fit, see College 411.

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The whole college admission process helped me realize that I need to be more realistic about my time and my goals.

If I want to do well in college, I'm going to need to manage my time better and not procrastinate!

After reading my actual acceptance letter at my house, the first thing I did was call my parents.

They were just as ecstatic as I was, and I could barely manage to hold back my tears of joy. Hearing that my friends had gotten into top universities while I was getting rejected from schools left and right really hurt my self-esteem.

It was especially painful when they got into schools that had denied me.

Getting my acceptance to NYU was probably one of the most shocking, happy, exciting moments I've ever felt in my life.

Learn from my mistakes and start the application process early. Learn what colleges are looking for and how to strengthen your qualifications in Prepare & Apply.

Studying for the SATs and writing your essays the summer before senior year will not only give you more time to prepare, it will also lift a great burden off your shoulders during your last year of high school, which I promise you will need. Find out your chances for admission to any college using College Chances.

I've been a competitive figure skater for eleven years and an ice skating coach since the age of 15.

While I felt my ice skating was an unusual hook, my high school grades put me at a big disadvantage. The city is our campus, and with all the restaurants, famous landmarks, and museums (that are free or discounted for students), my curiosity never stops.


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