Nursing Personal Vision Essay

Fascinated with the potential of these programs, I embarked on a different path, away from clinical medicine.I saw a world in which computers would change and even replace processes in every industry, and I wanted to join the researchers at the forefront of this revolution.

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Valley has received Magnet designation — the highest honor given to an organization’s professional nursing practice — since 2003. Jean Watson’s Humanistic Caring theory, Valley’s nursing mission, vision and philosophy are the collective vision of all Valley nurses.

We, the community of nurses, support the mission of The Valley Hospital through our intentional presence in all we do.

This summer, I began work as a research assistant to Dr. By compiling physician diagnostics and patient responses to questionnaires, the system assesses the value of given treatments as well as the efficacy of specific pharmaceuticals.

Through this project, we hope to understand and improve the current care of the terminally ill. C and other doctors at the medical research facility, I can now declare with confidence that I want to follow their example in my own career, combining clinical practice and research.

I met Jason last summer in Chicago, where I volunteered at a tournament for Beep Baseball, a baseball-like sport for the visually impaired. Financially strapped, Jason's family had avoided taking him to a doctor for as long as they could; when he finally visited a physician, it was too late.

For years I had planned to work in technology, but my encounters with Jason and others like him convinced me that medicine is my true calling.I have thus circled back to my original path towards medicine, with no regrets about the scenic route that led me here.Indeed, I am confident that I will make good use of my computer science skills as I research potential advancements in medical technology. C, I am developing a computer program that determines the "quality of life" of terminally ill patients.We will be agile in our response to patient, professional, financial, community, and healthcare delivery system needs and changes.We will be passionate in our delivery of seamless nursing care that will produce superior outcomes within the global nursing community.Still, the more I learn about technology, the more I recognize its inadequacies.Although the "psychologist" program I created faithfully reproduces human responses, I discovered that I would never want to speak with a computer about my problems.We demonstrate excellence in clinical care by our commitment to evidence-based practice, and delivering culturally competent patient care in a caring-healing environment.We promote innovation in clinical practice, programs, and technology through active participation in shared decision-making and research.Believe them." I did just that, placing my trust in the vast opportunities offered by computer programming.In my first computer course, I created applications that could beat a human in tic-tac-toe, calculate complex mathematical problems, and even converse with humans on a specified topic.


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