Notre Dame Admission Essay Questions

In a navy blue Volvo station wagon my entire childhood evolved.

Inside, memories rested alongside the hardened French fries and squashed fruit snacks that lined...

In my hometown, Nanchang, China, the Gan River divides the city into two worlds.

One side of the river has enjoyed much government investment: skyscrapers are adorned with beaming neon lights, and beacons are announcing the economic prosperity of...

As I travelled to Tanzania, I realized that many people in Moshi Village suffered from unemployment and poverty. ” At the dinner table, my father presented me with a concept map.

When shopping at a local fabric market, I wondered if subsidizing exports would stimulate the local economy. I knew that I would be his audience, listening to his idea of creating the Home of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a hub to nurture and encourage creativities. I zoomed in on my character with a few quick swipes using my drawing tablet pen.

We cover everything from application timelines and strategies to tips on financing your child's education.

These University of Notre Dame college application essays were written by students accepted at University of Notre Dame.

I stood on my tiptoes, clapping furiously, my mouth open in a joyous scream.

The White Sox, my favorite baseball team, had won a critical game while I was in the audience.


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