Need Of Youth In Politics Essay

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The most obvious disadvantage of politics to students who take part in it is the neglect of their studies.

When politics is introduced to the academic world, students often tend to take active parts in politics and do little in their studies.

Valuable time set aside for studies is put to waste while students are dragged into political rallies and debates.

As a result, they perform poorly and produce poor grades while others end up getting powerful and influential hence drop out of school to take active parts in politics. When students feel like their rights are being interfered with, they resort to fighting for their rights, which is a legitimate cause but can sometimes be chaotic and barbaric.

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One of the advantages of politics is changing how a country is structured or how it works through political action and awareness.

Politics can be carried out by people from all walks of life, young and old, graduates and undergraduates.

Students also get manipulated by politicians to fight for them when things in the political arena do not favor them.

During such chaotic times institutions facilities get destroyed, hundreds of students get hurt while some lose their lives.


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