My Pet Cat Essay For Class 1

My Pet Cat Essay For Class 1-65
She has two beautiful blue colour eyes and is light brown in colour.She loves to be pampered and loves brushing her neck all the time. People keep cats in the house for scaring the mice. It likes to rest in warm places, sometimes on carpets or near the oven in the kitchen.

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While most people stick to dogs and cats, many break this convention and go for rabbits, turtles, snakes, monkeys, horses and what not. People who own pets recommend the same to everyone.

Most people pet animals for their love for them while others pet them for their need for instance for security purpose, companionship, etc.

However, whatever be the case pets eventually become an integral part of the family.

Here are some essays on ‘My Pet Animal’ under various words limit to help you with the topic in your exam or class tests. I often kept a bowl of milk in my backyard to attract cats to come to our place.

He also told us how to ensure its cleanliness and what and how to feed it. It is loved for its cute look and adorable activities. My mother washes the combs thoroughly and dries them after every combing session. It is easier to maintain their fur when it is trimmed.

We started taking care of Chimpu in exactly the same way. It has been with us since it was an infant and is thus extremely attached to us. Though it is a bit difficult to take care of these gentle creatures, I decided to pet them just because I found them extremely cute. While my mother was against petting an animal especially rabbits, she soon grew fond of them. Cleanliness and Grooming Both Bunny and Betty have white fur. We help them get rid of it by brushing them gently every 3-4 days. Long fur attracts more germs and is also difficult to brush. I still remember, she could not even open her eyes. Made her a warm bed to sleep and a little bowl for her to have milk.She plays with us and her favourite place would be on het mat, near the fire place in our home. We have tied a small bell around her neck and so we know where she would be. We feed her with milk and fish bones and other food items.She is also a wonderful cleaner of other insects in the house.She loves to play with other cats in the neighbourhood.While we sit at some place, she plays between our legs and she loves that comfort.For any meal of the day, she specifically needs one piece of what I have from me and she comes to me anytime that I have my food. She knows my friends well and she plays with them too. Sometimes it licks my feet and wags its tail before me. Dogs are very faithful to its owner and never go against to him in any situation. Whenever I have free time I play the ball with my pet dog. Here is your paragraph on My Pet Cat: Cats are wonderful pets. She is now big and walks across the lawn with all the pride that she could.


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