Morality Of Capital Punishment Essay

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Did anyone ever give to others the right of taking away his life?

Each person gives only the smallest portion of his liberty over to the good of the public.

It is therefore a war of a whole nation against a citizen, whose destruction they consider as necessary, or useful to the general good.

But if I can further demonstrate that it is neither necessary nor useful, I shall have gained the cause of humanity.

From Applied Ethics: A Sourcebook James Fieser 10/3/2010 Contents 1. Death penalty critics argue that it is not effective in cases such as theft since criminals expected judges and jury members to show mercy.

Morality Of Capital Punishment Essay

Classic Philosophers on the Death Penalty Beccaria, Mill, Kant 2. Mill concedes that if this starts to happen in cases such as theft, then the death penalty should be revoked.In these there can be no necessity for taking away the life of a subject.Consider whether the experience of all ages is not sufficient to prove that the punishment of death has never prevented determined people from injuring society. The death penalty, he argues, is more humane than imprisonment and that it improves society because of its deterrence value. In the second selection below, from a speech given before Parliament on April 21, 1868, he defends the death penalty in opposition to a proposed bill to ban capital punishment.If the example of the Romans; if twenty years reign of Elizabeth, empress of Russia, in which she gave the fathers of their country an example more memorable than many conquests bought with blood.If, I say, all this is not sufficient to persuade people, who always suspect the voice of reason and who chose rather to be led by authority, then let us consult human nature in proof of my assertion.The power of habit is universal over every sentient being.It is by habit that we learn to speak, to walk, and to satisfy our necessities.Is it possible that this small portion contains the greatest good of all, namely, that persons life?If this were so, how can it be reconciled to the principle which tells us that a person has no right to kill himself?


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