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“Religious Heritage and Teenage Marriage.” Review of Religious Research. “Studies: Abstinence Message, Religion Shapes Teen Behavior.”.

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Early marriage is generally forced marriage as in the case of early marriages either the bride or the bridegroom or both of them are forced the tie a knot with each other without consent.

Doing such a kind of activity means you are curbing the rights of children and it is a punishable offense.

We stressed contraceptives because we felt that it was important not only to protect against pregnancy but as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Laura felt that love and serious committment should play a major role in whether or not a couple should have sex prior to marriage.

I on the other hand was a little "looser" on the subject.Marriage is regarded as one of the most important parts of life from the historical times.It is a time of happiness and celebration in the whole world.As a girl, marriage age is very important for becoming strong both physically and mentally But in the case of child marriage they are forced to performs some roles and duties for which they are neither physically nor psychologically prepared.Although it affects both the girls and the boys but the girls are the major victims of it.We felt that before having children we must first be able to establish ourselves financially.So once our respective careers were settled upon we could then plan when we would have children.Marriage is not limited to the boundaries of state and country, which means it is a moment of celebration and a custom followed by the whole world but early marriage is not at all give you any reason for celebration.Early marriage or child marriage can be defined as the marriage of a person below 18 years or marriage of children who have not yet developed as adolescents.So, as a citizen of a country, we should respect the rules and law of the society and adhere to them for the benefit.All such effects can be addressed in your paper to make it sensible and an excellent piece of writing.


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