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In the article, “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X, and he talks about his adventures while in prison.

Malcolm X was a hustler that was sentenced to seven years in prison for robbery in 1946.

Malcolm X, an individual gifted with a divine hand in education, had concluded that ignorance and greed, are fundamentally responsible for race prejudice in America.

His statement, radical for its time, was a derivative of his turbulent life and inversely a fine example that collars this concept: struggle and criticism are the pre-requisites to greatness in this world....

His father was a black preacher working for the UNIA, and his mother was intelligent women form the island of Grenada.

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His family relocated to Lansing, Michigan after he was born, Malcolm 's father was killed by white supremacists for being a black nationalist.

He also explains what he learned and how it helped him later on in life while working with Elijah Muhammad who was the leader of the Nation of Islam....

[tags: Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad] - What are its necessary components and how are they connected to each other.

Few even get a whole new perspective of the ever changing world around them.

For civil rights activist Malcolm Little, more commonly known as Malcolm X, it completely changed his life for the better.


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