Macbeth Character Traits Essay

Macbeth Character Traits Essay-9
After the witches tell him of the prophecies Macbeth was convinced by his wife to kill Duncan.

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However, in the end of the story he will be suffering by his own ambition.

This essay will try to focus on how Macbeth character develops in the story.

He has an intention to prove the last prophecy because of the influence of his wife and his own ambition.

Subsequently, this circumstance has changed him from a noble man into a corrupt king because of his own ambition and outside influence.

It can be seen from Macbeth’s soliloquy This point shows that he is an ambitious man; he begins to try to fulfill the third prophecy and become a king.

After acquiring the throne by killing Duncan, he begins to show his evil characteristics.Shakespeare has turned the character of Macbeth totally around.Toward the end of the play when Macbeth starts to get things together he learns that he is going to be invaded by Malcolm, Donnalban, and Macduff. After hearing this he starts to treat his servants cold heartedly and then said "She should have died hereafter. From the explanation above we can conclude that Macbeth has experienced character development. This development was started when he was tempted by the witches’ prophecies and he begins to have sinister thought. In addition to the explanation above, the indication of Macbeth’s evil characteristic can also be seen from Malcom’s description about Macbeth. This description shows that Macbeth is a tyrant and corrupt king. He has used his absolute power to corrupt as stated by Lord Acton (1887)” Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” This essay has discussed Macbeth character development. Macbeth also was convinced by his wife to kill Duncan.Macbeth conscious becomes guilty after he kills Duncan when he said, will all great neptunes ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? He is thinking that nothing can take back the murders he had committed.The Analysis of Macbeth Character development Macbeth is a greatest tragedy drama written by a phenomenal playwright William Shakespeare.It is the story of crime, punishment, guilt, and insatiability.


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