Looking For Alibrandi Essay

No-one's life is ever totally free of troubles or struggles.

People have to deal with illness, disappointment in love and relationships, natural disasters, war, even death.

Nonna Katia had an affair when she was younger, and in her culture this is frowned upon.

She takes out her guilt and frustrations on Christina and Josie.

Nonna Katia has high expectations of Josie which puts her under similar pressure as John Barton and his parents’ expectations of living.

Josie feels that she is surrounded by outrageous traditions and expectations which only become an extra problem for her.

Every year Josie and her family celebrate Tomato Day, which is also known as ‘National Wog Day” to Josie and her cousin.

Tomato Day is a dreaded day for Josie as she complains “Tomato Day, oh god if anyone found out about it I would die.” Josie is embarrassed to be a part of this occasion at the beginning of the novel because it is an event that the rest of the Australian society does not participate in.

Josie finds it difficult to conform to this culture because her Italian customs are regarded as unusual for Australians.

At Josie’s school, the majority of the girls are upper-class Australians that are still living in the racist past. She deals with this issue throughout the novel by standing up…


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