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Mises once referred to Rand as "the most courageous man in America", a compliment that particularly pleased her because he said "man" instead of "woman".Rand also became friends with libertarian writer Isabel Paterson.

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This was followed by the courtroom drama Night of January 16th, first produced by E. Clive in Hollywood in 1934 and then successfully reopened on Broadway in 1935.

Each night a jury was selected from members of the audience; based on the jury's vote, one of two different endings would be performed.

It was rejected by twelve publishers before finally being accepted by the Bobbs-Merrill Company on the insistence of editor Archibald Ogden, who threatened to quit if his employer did not publish it.

In 1943, Rand sold the rights for a film version to Warner Bros.

It was published in England in 1938, but Rand initially could not find an American publisher.

As with We the Living, Rand's later success allowed her to get a revised version published in 1946, which has sold more than 3.5 million copies. She and her husband worked as full-time volunteers for the 1940 presidential campaign of Republican Wendell Willkie.In politics, she condemned the initiation of force as immoral and opposed collectivism and statism as well as anarchism, instead supporting laissez-faire capitalism, which she defined as the system based on recognizing individual rights, including property rights.She was the eldest of three daughters of Zinovy Zakharovich Rosenbaum and his wife, Anna Borisovna (née Kaplan).Her father was upwardly mobile and a pharmacist and her mother was socially ambitious and religiously observant., her closest friend was Vladimir Nabokov's younger sister, Olga.The two girls shared an intense interest in politics and would engage in debates at the Nabokov mansion: while Olga defended constitutional monarchy, Alisa supported republican ideals.Rand's first published novel, the semi-autobiographical We the Living, was published in 1936.Set in Soviet Russia, it focused on the struggle between the individual and the state.Her father's business was confiscated, and the family fled to the Crimean Peninsula, which was initially under control of the White Army during the Russian Civil War.While in high school, she realized that she was an atheist and valued reason above any other human virtue.Her novella Anthem was written during a break from the writing of her next major novel, The Fountainhead.It presents a vision of a dystopian future world in which totalitarian collectivism has triumphed to such an extent that even the word 'I' has been forgotten and replaced with 'we'.


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