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This is another common question, and for most writers it should be easy to answer by using a “word count” feature in your writing tool.If you’re writing in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, “word count” is an option under “Tools.” You can also track word count in Scrivener.

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The consensus is to accept the text segmentation rules generally found in most word processing software (including how word boundaries are determined, which depends on how word dividers are defined).

The first trait of that definition is that a space (any of various whitespace characters, such as a "regular" word space, an em space, or a tab character) is a word divider. Different word counting programs may give varying results, depending on the text segmentation rule details, and on whether words outside the main text (such as footnotes, endnotes, or hidden text) are counted.

Variations in the operational definitions of how to count the words can occur (namely, what "counts as" a word, and which words "don't count" toward the total).

However, especially since the advent of widespread word processing, there is a broad consensus on these operational definitions (and hence the bottom-line integer result).

Word counts may also be used to calculate measures of readability and to measure typing and reading speeds (usually in words per minute).

When converting character counts to words, a measure of 5 or 6 characters to a word is generally used for English.Most importantly, many students were drilled on the rule that "certain words don't count", usually articles (namely, "a", "an", "the"), but sometimes also others, such as conjunctions (for example, "and", "or", "but") and some prepositions (usually "to", "of").Hyphenated permanent compounds such as "follow-up" (noun) or "long-term" (adjective) were counted as one word.The exact number of words often is not a strict requirement, thus the variation is acceptable.Novelist Jane Smiley suggests that length is an important quality of the novel.while National Novel Writing Month requires its novels to be at least 50,000 words.There are no firm rules: for example, the boundary between a novella and a novel is arbitrary and a literary work may be difficult to categorise. dissertations to 100,000 words, barring special permission for exceeding this limit.As for which sections of a document "count" toward the total (such as footnotes, endnotes, abstracts, reference lists and bibliographies, tables, figure captions, hidden text), the person in charge (teacher, client) can define their choice, and users (students, workers) can simply select (or exclude) the elements accordingly, and watch the word count automatically update.Modern web browsers support word counting via extensions, via a Java Script bookmarklet, or a script that is hosted in a website. Unix-like systems include a program, wc, specifically for word counting.There are a wide variety of word counting tools available online.As explained earlier, different word counting programs may give varying results, depending on the text segmentation rule details.


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