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Your child might be missing Grandpa’s birthday because he’s too busy trying to juggle school with everything else. They are so well-rounded, but they have no free time,” Brooks says.

The age at which homework stress is affecting students is getting lower, some even as low as kindergarten.

Makes you wonder what could a five year old possibly need to review as homework?

Finally, if your kid is really struggling with the workload, Brooks says it might be time to talk to his or her teacher.

Homework is generally given out to ensure that students take time to review and remember the days lessons.

But when it comes to that homework, one study shows that too many hours of assignments are actually negatively impacting kids’ emotional state.

High school students who get an average of three hours of homework per night actually experience more stress, physical health issues and lack of balance in their lives, according to research out of Stanford University in California.

“Students who did more hours of homework experienced greater behavioral engagement in school but also more academic stress, physical health problems and lack of balance in their lives,” the study notes.

That came as no surprise to Brooks, who says many students express feeling anxious about the amount of homework they have, even as early as sixth grade.

And it’s something that’s happening here in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, too – but starting even earlier than high school.

In fact, Stacy Brooks, who once served as life skills teacher at Derby Middle School in Birmingham, says many students have expressed feeling overwhelmed by the amount of homework they receive, which ranges from one-and-a-half to three hours each night.


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