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Others would say she found an efficient way to finish her tedious assignment and ought to be applauded for her initiative.The debate lit up Chinese social media this week after The Qianjiang Evening News reported that a teenage girl had found a loophole for her homework: She bought a robot that mimicked her handwriting.She finished a number of text-copying assignments in two days, much faster than her mother expected, the newspaper reported.

If you have a young learner who is struggling (at home or at school) here are five ways to help boys learn.

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Instead of having to manually copy phrases or selections from a textbook dozens of times, a repetitive task common in learning Chinese, she could just teach the robot to do it for her.

On Weibo, a popular social media platform, commenters who had suffered through endless hours of similar homework themselves were split, though most appeared to be sympathetic or even impressed.“Give her a break. ” one commenter asked.“The difference between humans and other animals is that they know how to make and use tools,” another reasoned.

Such technology typically uses robotics to drag a pen across an anchored piece of paper.

Some of the products feature preloaded handwriting styles, while some allow users to digitize and copy their own handwriting.

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