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FTC recently found out that many companies have advertised diamond-set jewelry pieces without revealing that diamonds were lab-made.After that, the agency clearly told the industry to specify whether lab-grown or natural diamonds are set on jewelry.Local jewelers would give you different accounts to say that it isn't really important, but truth of the matter is that they can mislead you if you buy a stone that is not graded.

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The Gemological Institute of America will also include a comment on the diamond grading report that discloses the fact it is lab-grown, and has been made with either High Pressure High Temperature or chemical vapor deposition method.

The Chief Executive Officer of GIA, Susan Jacques has said, “Over the past few years, there has been an incredible advancement in the technology by which laboratory-grown diamonds are made.

The diamond grading institute said on April 05, 2019, that it would not use the term while referring to the stones made in a laboratory, either in the title or its reports.

It will keep using descriptive terms of clarity and color for lab-made diamonds, suggesting the variety of grading that is referred to in the GIA grading report.

The Professional Gem Science Laboratory (PGS) is also a dependable lab, but doesn’t have a significant market share.

Moreover, GCAL is also a very refutable lab, but have a small market share.

AGS is a good lab as well, but we have seen some inconsistency at times with them grading clarity and color properly (minor issue). So if you see a GCAL graded diamond, do not hesitate.

However, they are superior with grading cut as they use a proportions-based system. It would be great if it comes with both a GCAL and GIA report.

The only factor you have to lookout for is the cut in GIA reports.

In round cuts, they offer a cut grade, but they do not in other shapes.


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